Baldrige Group is excited to announce Three Rivers Ambulance Authority, Coral Gables Fire Department, and Sunstar Paramedics for achieving the highest levels of EMS patient satisfaction and engagement (% very satisfied) results for the calendar year ending March 2017.  To learn how they achieve their amazing results, click on the links below to contact them.

Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (IN)  Was one of the top three performing EMS organizations for all of 2016. Their success continues into 2017, where they have successfully made the list of top performers for the past three months.

Sunstar Paramedics (FL)  Two months in a row, Sunstar Paramedics has been recognized for outstanding EMS patient engagement. Five hundred (500) randomly selected patients are contacted by phone monthly demonstrating their commitment to providing outstanding patient care.

Coral Gables Fire Department (FL)  As a new client starting in January of 2017, they were not eligible for recognition until they had completed three full months of data collection. As a class-one fire department, we knew something was special about this organization when our callers kept reporting after each patient telephone survey was completed… “WOW, they sure love their fire department.”

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