How satisfied are you with the paramedics respecting your cultural background – is a question we ask every patient when we conducted one client’s EMS patient satisfaction survey.

The EMS Chief who requested we include that question said to me – we may be a rural county EMS provider, but we have a very diverse community, and I want to make sure every patient we treat, regardless of their race, religion, rich or poor, and within every neighborhood we respond to, is provided the best patient care possible BY professionals who respect everyone’s cultural background.

Were They Always Perfect? No.

Initially the patient feedback results, especially when segmented by shift, station, gender, age, and where they lived, showed variation in patient satisfaction to that question.

But by relentlessly focusing on the outcome – ensuring the paramedics respect the patient and community cultural background, the EMS system saw a dramatic improvement in performance and a dramatic reduction in negative feedback from patients and family members.

How? By sharing the results and having internal and external discussions and simply asking the question – how can we do better?

Yes – They Do Respect Their Patients’ Cultural Background!

Interestingly, of all the questions in their EMS patient satisfaction results, over time, that question – being respectful of the patient cultural background, became their highest scoring survey question.

Asking that question in their patient satisfaction survey sent a powerful message within that EMS system and the community they serve.

By continually seeking feedback from their patients enabled this EMS system and its leaders to proactively identify and isolate when negative perceptions developed and to quickly work to improve performance.

Do Your Paramedics Respect your Patients’ Cultural Background?

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