We are a national, full service, performance excellence consulting firm with over 30 years of experience successfully assisting organizations dramatically improve their performance and achieve their most critical outcomes.

  • Creator of the “Strategy Flywheel” system enabling our clients to rapidly accelerate achievement of their most critical organizational goals.

  • Over 200 organizations have selected our firm to assist them in the development and execution of their strategic plan.

  • Our clients include city, county, state & federal governments, Fire & EMS, education, healthcare, non-profits & businesses.

  • Two clients won the international Palladium Award that honors organizations who achieved excellence in strategy execution using the Balanced Scorecard, the world’s preeminent strategy management system.

  • Annually distribute 200,000+ customer satisfaction surveys, including community surveys, telephone surveys, & kiosk surveys capturing real-time results.

  • Over 50 organizations have been recognized as “role model” organizations based upon the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

  • Development of team & employee engagement strategies, including annual team & employee engagement surveys.

  • Strategies to align team & employee evaluations, compensation & recognition to accomplishment of your key strategic goals.

Members of Our Team

David D. Harrawood - Founder & CEO1.888.351.7778 Ext 3
Mindi McCreary - Vice President Operations1.888.351.7778 Ext 3
David - Research & Marketing1.888.351.7778 Ext. 6
Alexis - Seminar Relations1.888.351.7778 Ext. 5
Amber - Customer Service Manager
Isabella - Customer Service
Audrianna - Customer Service
Somer - Customer Service
Ashley - Customer Service
Liberty - Customer Service
Maddison - Data Analyst
Kassandra - Data Analyst
Lauren - Data Analyst