To Achieve The Results You’re Accountable For
You Have to Master a New Set Of Leadership Skills

But There’s Problems . . .
  • First, you were taught HOW to do your job, not HOW to improve performance and achieve the results you’re accountable for.
  • Second, traditional strategic planning systems developed decades ago, simply do not work in today rapidly changing workplace environment.
  • Third, current process improvement systems developed decades ago, have too many steps, require complicated tools, and take to long to see results.
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Strategy Execution PRO

Everything you need to be a more successful leader
by quickly achieving the results you are accountable for.

Step 1 – Strategy Development

Traditional methods used by leaders to develop a strategic plan are complicated, frustrate your team, take too long, and do not quickly produce the results they are accountable for in today’s workplace.

We will show you how to create a simple, one-page scorecard that includes a balanced set of goals, performance measures aligned to each to track your progress, and action plans required to achieve your results.

1.1 Introduction

  • Getting Started

1.2 Strategy Direction

  • Mission Statement Introduction (5:47)
  • Mission Statement – Discovering “What” You Do (11:54)
  • Mission Statement – Identifying Your “Why” (6:18)
  • Vision Statement (18:39)
  • Workforce Values (11:16)
  • Workforce Competencies (9:14)

1.3 Strategy Map

  • Introduction & Overview (18:39)
  • Step 1 – Select a Balanced Set of Strategic Goals (7:56)
  • Step 2 – Identify & Name Your Strategic Goals (7:32)
  • Step 3 – Order Your Strategic Objectives (8:06)
  • Step 4 – Select Your Strategic Objectives (6:41)
  • Step 5 – Connect Your Strategic Objectives (8:31)
  • Governmental Case Study (13:23)
  • Fire & EMS Case Study (17:35)
  • Non-Profit Case Study(16:03)
  • Business Case Study (12:16)
  • Healthcare Case Study (14:51)
  • Education Case Study (12:58)

1.4 Strategy Scorecard

  • Step 1 – Introduction and Overview (6:49)
  • Step 1 – Strategic Goals & Objectives (4:07)
  • Step 2 – Identify Your Performance Measures (11:28)
  • Step 3 – Identify Frequency Reporting Results (5:45)
  • Step 4 – Identify Performance Targets (23:48)
  • Step 5 – Identify Your Strategic Challenges (8:52)
  • Step 6 – Identify Your Initiatives (7:52)
  • Strategy Scorecard Format – Excel Vs. Online Application

Step 2 – Strategy Execution

Aligning your workforce’s energy and talents to achieve the results you’re accountable for is difficult.

We will show you how to use your strategy scorecard as a guide and laser focus your workforces energy towards achieving the results your accountable for by aligning your hiring, training, promotion, and recognition systems to your key results.

2.1 Introduction

  • Getting Started

2.2 Deploy Your Strategy Scorecard

  • Step 1 – Identify Who Needs a Department Level Scorecard
  • Step 2 – Deploy Strategic Goals & Objectives
  • Step 3 – Identify Department Level Performance Measures & Targets
  • Step 4 – Identify Department Level Challenges
  • Step 5 – Identify Department Level Actions

2.3 Align Workforce Systems To Strategy Scorecard Results

  • Why Align Workforce Systems
  • Align Hiring & Promotional
  • Align Training & Development
  • Align Workforce Evaluations & Compensation

2.4 Create Engaged Workforce Strategy

  • Why Create Workforce Engagement Strategy
  • Identify Workforce Engagement Performance Measures
  • Develop a Workforce Engagement Survey
  • Analyze & Improve Workforce Engagement Survey Results

Step 3 – Strategy Improvement

Traditional systems to improve performance systems cost thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours off site, and do not work in todays workplace.

We will show you how to review your scorecard results, celebrate successes, identity performance gaps, and provide you an easy to implement tools to quickly improve your performance results.

3.1 Introduction

  • Getting Started

3.2 Customer Feedback

  • Introduction & Overview
  • How To Identify Your Key Customers
  • Methods to Distribute Customer Surveys
  • Selecting Survey Questions
  • Identifying Survey Demographics
  • Identifying Your Satisfaction Measures

3.3 Review your Strategy Scorecard Results

  • How to Conduct Monthly Strategy Scorecard Reviews (8:48)
  • How to Identify & Prioritize Performance Gaps

3.4 Improve Scorecard Performance Results

  • Why Implement a Formal Process Improvement (PI) Systems (6:42)
  • Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) System Overview (8:21)
  • RPI Step 1 Identify Root Causes (10:45)
  • RPI Step 2 Selection Solutions (8:24)
  • RPI Step 3 Evaluate Results (6:29)

3.5 Essential Process Improvement Tools

  • Run Chart (2:28)
  • Brainstorming (5:28)
  • List Reduction (4:37)
  • Root Cause & Solution Teams (3:05)
  • Root Cause Study (7:04)
  • Check Sheet (5:25)
  • Pareto Chart (6:31)
  • Cross Tables (7:16)
  • Solution Scoring Matrix (6:30)
  • Benchmarking
  • Comparative Data
  • Statistical Process Control Charts

Strategy Execution PRO

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