Rapid Process Improvement

An award-winning, 3-step system designed to help you quickly achieve the results you’re accountable for.

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To Achieve The Results You’re Accountable For
You Have to Master a New Set Of Leadership Skills.

But There’s Problems . . .
  • First, you were taught how to do your job, not how to improve performance and achieve the results you’re accountable for.

  • Second, traditional process improvement systems developed decades ago, do not work in today’s rapidly changing workplace.
  • Third, traditional process improvement systems have too many steps, are difficult to learn and takes too long, if ever to see positive results.
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Rapid Process Improvement (RPI)

An online course with everything you need to be a more successful leader
by quickly achieving the results you are accountable for.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) online course!

Over the past 30 years, I’ve helped hundreds of leaders from all types of industries implement our award-winning system, assisting leaders like you, acquire the skills to quickly achieve the results they’re accountable for.

To learn more about the course, please click on the “watch video overview” button” where I’ll give you an overview of the Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) online course system and content.

David Harrawood, President
Baldrige Group Consulting

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Rapid Process Improvement (RPI)
Video Lessons

Getting Started

  • Introduction & Getting Started (12:54)
  • Why Implement a Formal PI System (7:05)
  • Why Traditional PI Systems Don’t Work In Today’s Workplace Environment (10:28)
  • Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make When Implementing a Process Improvement System (18:20)

Identifying What Needs Improvement

  • Why & How Conduct Monthly Scorecard Reviews (11:00)
  • When Should You Implement a Simple vs. More Formal Process Improvement Team (9:09)
  • Overview RPI Excel Workbook (7:57)
  • Download RPI Excel Workbook

RPI Step 1 – Identify Root Cause(s)

  • 1.1 RPI Step 1 – Identify Root Causes Overview (8:51)
  • 1.2 Select Root Cause Team Members (8:40)
  • 1.3 Document PI Charter Information and List Root Cause Team Member Names (2:08)
  • 1.4 First Team Meeting – Brainstorm Possible Root Causes by 4Ws (Who, What, Where and When) (8:46)
  • 1.5 Create Check Sheet & List Possible Root Causes By 4Ws (3:56)
  • 1.6 Second Team Meeting – Design Root Cause Study (6:54)
  • 1.7 Complete the Root Cause Check Sheet (6:05)
  • 1.8 Create Pareto Charts By 4Ws Using Root Cause Study Results (6:48)
  • 1.9 Create Cross Tables and Heat Maps To Further Identify Areas Below Target (6:56)
  • 1.10 Third Team Meeting – Select & Document Root Causes By 4Ws On RPI Worksheet (4:47)

RPI Step 2 – Implement Solution(s)

  • 2.1 RPI Step 2 – Implement Solutions Overview (4:22)
  • 2.2 Create Solution Team (6:08)
  • 2.3 First Solutions Team Meeting – Brainstorm & Research Possible Solutions (7:29)
  • 2.4 Second Solutions Team Meeting – Select Solution(s) Using Scoring Matrix (6:48)
  • 2.5 Select Solution(s) Study Area(s), Identify Required Training & Equipment (5:11)
  • 2.6 Implement & Monitor Solutions (7:04)

RPI Step 3 – Evaluate Result(s)

  • 3.1 RPI Step 3 – Evaluate Results Overview (3:09)
  • 3.2 Evaluate Measure(s) Below Target & Scorecard Results (6:10)
  • 3.3 Evaluate & Improve Solution(s) Implemented (2:47)
  • 3.4 Third Solution Team Meeting – Hard Wire Solution(s), Procedures, Training, Equipment (5:12)

Essential Process Improvement Tools

  • Run Chart (2:58)
  • Brainstorming (5:28)
  • List Reduction (4:37)
  • Cross Table (7:16)
  • Root Cause & Solution Teams (3:05)
  • Root Cause Study (7:04)
  • Check Sheet (5:25)
  • Pareto Chart (6:31)
  • Solution Scoring Matrix (6:30)
  • Benchmarking
  • Comparative Data
  • Statistical Process Control Charts
  • Process Mapping

Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) Case Studies

  • How To Best Learn From Case Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction Case Study
  • Patient Satisfaction Case Study
  • Workforce Safety Case Study
  • Workforce Retention Case Study
  • Workforce Engagement Case Study
  • Call Center Case Study
  • Hospital Readmission Case Study
  • Hospital Length of Stay Case Study

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Rapid Process Improvement (RPI)

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We are so confident the material presented in Rapid Process Improvement online course will assist you quickly achieve the results you’re accountable for, we offer a full refund within 10 days of your membership date.

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