I’m excited to announce Richmond Ambulance Authority (VA) has selected Baldrige Group to enhance its leadership, team and employee engagement strategies. Specific services requested include:

  • Conduct an employee engagement workshop showcasing best practices used by some of the nations most respected organizations.
  • Identify leader, team and employee behaviors and actions that will contribute to RAA achieving its vision.
  • Conduct leader, team and employee development training.
  • Create and distribute annual employee engagement survey.
  • Produce online engagement report allowing leaders easily view results by department, position, and length of employment, to celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement.

Is Your Organization Ready to Take Your Leader, Team, and Employee Engagement to the Next Level?

With over 50 clients recognized for organizational excellence, our award-winning approach to employee engagement is much more than just conducting an annual survey.

We begin by reviewing and clarifying your organizations key outcomes, and then work to identify leader, team, and employee engagement behaviors and action necessary to achieve your vision.

Once identified, we provide customized leader, team, and employee development training to assist employees begin “modeling” those behavior daily.

Getting started is easy and affordable. Please click the “email your questions” button below to request additional information.

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David Harrawood, President
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