Baldrige Group is excited to announce Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA) has selected our firm to conduct its EMS patient satisfaction surveys.

Internationally recognized for providing world-class EMS, RAA initial EMS patient satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty results were the highest of any new client joining our services in the past five years.

Twice a month, randomly selected patients are contacted by phone asking them to complete a brief patient satisfaction survey. The number of completed EMS patient surveys is guaranteed and results are available within only 10 business days.

RAA senior leaders can view and analyze their patient satisfaction and engagement results on a secure online web portal. Results are segmented by key demographic, such as patient age, gender, call zip code location, time of the call, paramedic impression, and shift allowing leaders to easily identify variation in performance.

What’s Your EMS Patient Satisfaction?

Click HERE to take advantage of our FREE one month EMS patient satisfaction survey offer. Getting started is easy and there is no obligation to continue. To request a copy of a sample patient satisfaction survey questions and online report, click here.

David Harrawood, President
Baldrige Group, LLC

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