In his bestselling book, John Gray, Ph.D., provided methods for men and women to improve communication by identifying the difference between needs, desires, and behaviors of the opposite sex, for strengthening and nurturing the relationship.

The communication gap between a parent and their child’s teacher can similarly be described as living in two separate worlds. Do teachers know the top three key requirements and expectation from the parents of the children they teach?  

Congratulation to Diplomat Elementary, Tice Elementary, and Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School, from Lee County School District (FL), for taking the steps to identify parent key requirements, used to build strong parent-teacher relationships and improve academic performance.

Identifying What Is Most Important to Parents

The process begins by distributing a survey at the start of the school year, asking parents to identify the top three items most important to them within four categories: classroom teacher, classroom learning, school environment, and school administration.

Other demographic information collected includes their child’s grade, number of years enrolled, access and approval to use the internet for homework, and how frequency they view the teacher and school website.

Learning From & Improving Performance

Survey results are shared at an all staff meeting, graphically displaying the most important parent key requirements and expectations segmented by grade.

The results are always meet with surprise, even from the most experienced teachers by what is actually most important to parents. Staff is encouraged to share best practices how to align behavior and communication strategies when interacting with parents.

Finally, the identified parent key requirements are included in future parent satisfaction surveys conducted later in the school year, gaining valuable feedback as to how the school is meeting and exceeding their parents expectations.

What’s your Parent Engagement Results?

If you are not yet conducting parent or student satisfaction and engagement surveys, please contact us to view sample survey questions and reporting capabilities we offer our clients.

David Harrawood, President
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