Kiosk Customer Surveys

Kiosk surveys are the perfect solution to collect customer satisfaction results from individuals who require your services in person.

Using our system, you can monitor your customer satisfaction and engagement results in real-time and respond immediately if someone is dissatisfied with the service provided.

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David Harrawood, President
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Kiosks are the easiest method to collect real-time feedback from your
customers who seek your services in person.


Services are very affordable and can be scaled to any size organization. Our month to month contract allows you to cancel at any time.

Customized Reports

There is no limit to the number of team members who can access your data via a secure online web portal.  Clients can pfd reports, create custom reports, and filter and download their data.

Real-Time Email Alerts

When a customer is dissatisfied, an email is immediately sent to the person(s) selected to investigate and includes a link to view the survey.

Customized Survey Questions

We work with your team to create customized survey questions based upon best practices and award-winning organizations within your industry.

Free Customer Service Training

Free online customer service and performance improvement training for your leadership team and employees are included with your subscription. On-site training is available.

Performance Measures

Track your customer satisfaction and engagement results at the organization level, by department, by specific service, and at the individual kiosk level.

Case Study – County Clerk of the Court 

A newly elected County Clerk of the Circuit Court needed a system to demonstrate improved customer service.

Initially the Clerk tried paper surveys and quickly discovered several problems.

  • Low participation – Less than 50 surveys monthly
  • Results delayed – Waiting on manual data entry
  • Low confidence – Surveys not distributed to all customers

Immediately after implementing our kiosk system, there was dramatic improvement.

  • High participation – Over 1,500 surveys monthly
  • Real-time results – Live data on their desktop
  • Accuracy – All customers can provided feedback
  • Accountability – Location, service & kiosk
  • Improved Results – Over 98.5% satisfaction

Case Study – Building Department Permitting Office

A city building official was under intense pressure from elected officials over poor service complaints by contractors. Common complaints included:

  • Long wait time
  • Unprofessional staff
  • Lack of staff knowledge
  • Variation in answers

Our kiosk system was deployed to their three locations with one at each customer service station allowing every permitting customer the opportunity to provide real-time, anonymous feedback.

The kiosk survey questions focused on permitting staff’s performance AND feedback on policies approved by the city.

The results immediately revealed very high levels of customer satisfaction with city permitting staff.

  • High participation – Almost 1,000 surveys monthly
  • Wait time – Over 98% satisfaction
  • Staff professionalism – Over 99% satisfaction
  • Staff knowledge – Over 99% satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with existing city policies was good, but not great. The information gave city leaders:

  • Confidence in staff’s performance
  • Confidence that wait time was not an issue
  • Opportunity to re-evaluate existing building code policies and fees

Case Study – Utilities Department

A utility office was struggling to improve its customer satisfaction. Residents regularly complained to the department director and elected officials about:

  • Long wait time
  • Unprofessional staff
  • Requests for service required customer to speak with several departments

Our kiosk system was deployed to assist the department director hold staff accountable by providing their individual customer satisfaction performance.

Department wide customer service best practices training was required for all employees and after only two months, customer satisfaction dramatically increase to 98.9 percent.

The information received from their customers about having to go to several staff to complete what they believed was a single transaction, also enabled the department to cross train its staff so the resident now only has to speak with a single person.