I’m excited to announce Eagle County Paramedic Services (CO) has selected Baldrige Group to conduct an initial community paramedic survey to identify what is most important to this group of EMS patients, and then conduct ongoing, telephone patient satisfaction and engagement surveys consistent with what is most important their patients.

The process began by first conducting telephone interviews 0f all patients treated over a four month period. Each patient was asked to describe the top 3 to 5 things most important in the following areas:

– Scheduling the visit
– Asking about their medical history
– Conducting the physical exam
– Providing instructions for what to do next
– Outcomes most important to them during and after the visit

The purpose of this critical step, was to use the “voice of the patient” to tell us what is most important. The information learned was surprising and was largely consistent among all patients contacted. We then used the most frequent responses (key requirements) to develop an ongoing patient satisfaction and engagement survey consistent with Eagle County community paramedic patients.

The ongoing patient engagement survey will be conducted by telephone gaining valuable information how the paramedics are meeting and exceeding their patients expectation. 

What’s Your EMS Patient Satisfaction?

To take advantage of our FREE one month EMS patient satisfaction survey offer and learn more about our services, CLICK HERE. Key features of our services include:

– Guaranteed number of completed surveys monthly
– Results available as soon as 10 business days
– Affordable fixed monthly costs
– Private web portal to view and analyze your results
– Export your data, custom filtering, and PDF reports

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David Harrawood, President
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