Of the various services provided by a city or county government, the building department, which issues permits and conducts inspections of new construction, routinely has an unfair reputation of providing poor customer service. There are two primary reasons:

  1. An extremely small number of influential contractors with access to community leaders share unfair perceptions of the services provided.

  2. The department does not have a systematic method to collect customer feedback from the silent majority who are extremely pleased with the services provided.

Please Take Our Two Question Survey – The Secret to Getting Thousands of Surveys

Sarasota County Planning and Development Services (FL) implemented a customer satisfaction kiosks system at their three locations asking citizens to rate the service provided immediately following the transaction by  taking a TWO question survey.

 Congratulations to Matthew Osterhoudt, Interim Director, and Mary Beth Humphreys, Customer Service Manager, and the entire team at Sarasota County Planning and Development Services for their leadership.

With almost 3,000 completed surveys in just seven months, they have been able to debunk the myth and objectively demonstrate customer satisfaction levels of 99.17 percent.

The Secrets . . .

  • Conduct anonymous customer feedback at the transaction point using a kiosk system

  • Ask the customer to take a brief 2-question survey

  • Provide real-time customer satisfaction results to staff and leaders

  • Align hiring and training of staff necessary to achieve customer satisfaction goals

  • Communicate results to key stakeholders frequently (elected official, staff, public, press)

What’s Your Customer Satisfaction Results?

If you are not yet conducting customer satisfaction and engagement surveys, please contact us to view sample survey questions and reporting capabilities we offer our clients.

David Harrawood, President
Baldrige Group, LLC

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