As a leader, there are few actions that require more courage than conducting an anonymous employee survey, asking them to rate and provide feedback on the performance of the organization.

Congratulation to Mark Postma (COO), John Peterson (CAO) of Sunstar Paramedics (Pinellas County, FL) and Debbie Vass, Director of Quality Initiatives for Paramedics Plus, and their entire leadership team for their continued high levels of employee engagement and steady improvements in their annual employee engagement results.

For the past five years, they have conducted an employee engagement survey gaining valuable information used to improve all aspects of the organization’s performance.

Survey questions are grouped into three key areas: 1. Work environment; 2. Supportive and engaged culture; and 3. Personal and professional development).

Survey results are segmented by a variety of key demographics areas (work location, position, age, and length of employment) allowing for detailed analysis used to celebrate improvements and identify specific areas below target. 

What’s Your Employee Engagement?

If you’re not yet conducting employee engagement surveys within your organization, please contact us to view a sample survey questions and reporting capabilities we offer our clients. Getting started is easy and affordable.

David Harrawood, President
Baldrige Group, LLC

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