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David Harrawood is President of the Baldrige Group, LLC, a national performance excellence consulting firm. For over 30 years, he has been a champion of performance excellence best practices successfully assisting organizations dramatically improve their performance. His expertise includes strategic planning, strategy execution, organizational scorecards, customer and employee engagement, and implementation of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. He has the unique ability to translate complex subjects into easy to understand and implement solutions organizations can use to immediately and dramatically improve performance. As a performance excellence coach, he frequently works one-on-one with executives and senior leaders who are under increasing pressure to produce results and assist them to develop and enhance skills required to be successful in a rapidly changing business environment. For the past 25 years, David has been involved with the National Baldrige Performance Excellence Award process and is a founding board member of the Florida Excellence Awards. Our experience and knowledge of industry leading best practices has enabled us to be the most successful Florida consulting firm assisting 22 organizations successfully implement and received recognition as role model organizations based upon the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. In addition, two organization have won the international Balanced Scorecard Palladium Award. Our clients including city, county, and federal governments, fire / EMS agencies, education, healthcare, non-profits and the financial industry. David Harrawood, President Baldrige Group, LLC

What Are Core Competencies? Four Easy Steps To Identify Yours

Identifying your organizations workforce and leadership core competencies is a critical step to achieve the outcomes you are responsible for as a leader. Core competencies are specific skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience, you believe are required to achieve critical organizational and department level outcomes defined by your leadership team. [...]

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