Baldrige Group is excited to announce Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA), Coral Gables Fire Department, and Eagle County Paramedics for achieving the highest levels of EMS patient satisfaction and engagement (% very satisfied) results for the calendar year ending July 2017.  To learn how they achieve their amazing EMS patient satisfaction results, click on the links below to contact them.

Richmond Ambulance Authority (VA) – Internationally recognized as a leader in EMS, RAA has jumped to and stayed at the top in both patient engagement (% top box) and loyalty using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) results, achieving the highest scores for both ever recorded among clients in our database.

Eagle County Paramedics (CO) As a client for just six months, Eagle County Paramedics has quickly improved its performance and for the first time is being recognized as a top performer in EMS patient satisfaction and engagement results.

Coral Gables Fire Department (FL) – As a class-one fire department, their dedication to excellence also includes EMS, where they have consistently achieved amazing high levels of patient engagement results.

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